Sally Rodgers one half of A Man Called Adam regarded as pivotal in the development of the electronic music genres Acid Jazz and Balearic,whose DJ sets have soundtracked sunsets, back rooms, bars and festivals in San Francisco, Singapore and San Antonio. A selector with an enormous depth of musical knowledge,who seamlessly mixes the old with the new to blur the lines and find surprising musical connections.
Recent gigs include Brilliant Corners (a 5 hour vinyl only set), Spiritland, Bar No 90, Pikes & LaTorre (Ibiza), Bestival, Outlaws Yacht Club & Bar 212 (Leeds) where she’s played the best Contemporary House, Rare Japanese Ambient, Italo-disco, Soul, Jazz, Art-Pop, French House, 60s soundtracks, Krautrock, Loft classics, plus her own exclusive re edits to keep the party alive.

Is one of the originals who first visited Ibiza in 1986 which created a love affair that continues to this day. During the summers of ’86 and ’87 her home was the Amnesia club where she spent long nights dancing in front of the speakers to the sounds of Leo Mas and Alfredo, often venturing up to ask what the record was they had just played. If you ask Nancy what made Amnesia special she’ll tell you, “it was the music, the vibe, dancing under the stars all night long and that eclectic mix that worked perfectly when played the right way.” Amen.

During the summer of 1987 Nancy met Ian St.Paul and Paul Oakenfold who had also fallen in love with Amnesia. On arrival back to London the three of them wanted to continue the party so held a few nights which resulted in them finding a regular venue. Oakenfold and friends knew that Nancy had been buying the records she had been dancing to over the last few summers so asked her to DJ. The club was Future and it is now part of London clubbing history.
Within weeks Future was one of the busiest parties in London and a fundamental part of the early Acid House scene in London. From here Spectrum and Land Of Oz followed with Nancy DJing alongside luminaries such as Alex Patterson, Jimi Cauty and Youth who in time went on to big things as The Orb.

Nancy soon became one of the early global DJs, travelling for i-D magazine for their early world tours and DJing in North & South America, Europe and Asia. Alongside this she was working hand in hand with Paul Oakenfold at the newly formed Perfecto Records, one of the earliest UK-based record labels to come out of the Acid House scene, which again led to playing at Perfecto parties in New York and Pacha in Ibiza.

In the early 90s, as the club scene grew and grew in the UK Nancy became a regular DJ playing as resident at The Ministry of Sound, then regularly at Renaissance, Golden, Cream, Clockwork Orange and The Gallery at Turnmills. From here a trip back to Ibiza beckoned which led to Nancy setting up her own venue Bar Zuka in the Old Town. Whilst in Ibiza she DJ’d at Amnesia, Space, Privilege (previously Ku) and Es Paradis.

In recent years Nancy has played parties such as Balearicos, Musica Noche, The Great Outdoors, Test Pressing, The Date, Alfresco, Up on the Roof, Boy’s Own, Full Circle, Love Vinyl, We are the Sunset, Passport to Paradise, Vinyl Addicts, Just one More, Outlaws Yacht Club, We are Balearic. Also festivals for Lowlife, Alfresco & Farr Festival and at the listening experience Spiritland.
Nancy Noise is one of those modest people that feels no need to shout (though she does like the odd “Arreeeeebba”) – she loves music, playing at parties for people that care and keeping her very original style of DJing alive and well. It’s great to see Nancy back where she belongs, playing what she wants, when she wants to a room full of dancers … Bring the (Nancy) Noise.

Such is their swashbuckling sense of adventure, it’s hard to believe that X-Press 2 have been at the vanguard of British electronic music for two decades now. Whether it’s as musicians, DJs or remixers, the London duo share the same sense of musical discovery that first united them on the acid-house dance floors of Shoom and Spectrum and the Balearic playgrounds of Ibiza. A pioneering spirit that fuelled early Nineties underground anthems such as the percussive, US-influenced Muzik Express and London X Press. And why not? Chutzpah that helped them create languid deep house classics like Lazy and Give It with vocalists as unlikely – yet inspired – as David Byrne of Talking Heads and Kurt Wagner of Lambchop.

X-Press 2’s Rocky and Diesel are as restless and averse to predictability as ever. Long may the Muzik X-Press continue…

For 4 ecstatic, exhausting years, Paul Rutherford was one fifth of the biggest band in the world. Frankie Goes to Hollywood weren’t just the musical phenomenon of the 80s, they were beyond a marketing man’s most ambitious dream.
Liverpool born Paul Rutherford is best known as the flamboyant backing vocalist, dancer and keyboardist in the hugely successful and equally controversial Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
Following the band’s split in 1987, he became their first member to launch a solo career a year later with the seminal acid house anthem Get Real produced by Sheffield popsters ABC and his debut album Oh World in 1989.
Before finding fame with Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Paul studied fine art at college and worked in a San Francisco antiques shop before he became a regular on his hometown’s live circuit, performing in bands the Spitfire Boys, the Opium Eaters and Hambi & the Dance.
In February 1983, Frankie Goes to Hollywood were invited to record a video for Relax by The Tube, the key music show on fledgling network Channel 4. The iconic clip was shot at the State Ballroom in Liverpool. After the broadcast, their John Peel session was repeated on radio and a new session recorded for the B.B.C. These performances, along with a repeat of the Tube video, convinced Trevor Horn to sign the group for his new label, ZTT Records, in May 1983.
After emigrating to New Zealand, Paul released his belated second solo album in 2010, The Cowboy Years, under the guise of Paul Rutherford/Butt Cowboys, while a year later his debut was reissued with several B-sides and remixes.
Paul is  now available to DJ an Eclectic mix of music along with Classic House sets including a live PA  of  “Get Real” to more the contemporary electronic sounds of today.

Trace the roots of house music in the UK and you’ll find Pete Heller & Terry Farley at its source. Shoom, Future, Spectrum, The Trip: they were there. Omnipresent at those early exploratory and revelatory trips to Amnesia, Boys Own parties out in the sticks, expeditions to The Hacienda, Basics and Cream, the early years of Ministry of Sound and transatlantic ventures to worship at the altar of Junior at The Sound Factory.

Although prominent house DJs and producers individually, London-based remixers Terry Farley and Pete Heller enjoyed their greatest notoriety working as a duo. They first surfaced in the early ’90s as part of Andrew Weatherall’s Boys Own collective, making their debut with a hugely popular remix of the Farm’s “Groovy Train”; hits for Espiritu (“Francisca”), Sunscreem (“Perfect Motion”), K Klass (“Don’t Stop”) and Secret Life (“As Always”) followed. Farley and Heller also earned wide renown when their mix of M Peoples “Open Your Heart” topped Billboard’s club charts in 1995. A year later they reunited to assemble a two-disc entry into the Journeys by DJs beatmix series, with their own “Ultra Flava” 12-inch appearing at much the same time. In addition to working under the own names, Farley and Heller additionally recorded as Roach Motel, an outlet for their more underground projects; they also joined producer Gary Wilkinson in the lush garage techno trio Fire Island, as well as teaming with Weatherall and Hugo Nicholson in Bocca Juniors. Their other pop remix projects include work with New Order (“Regret”), Michael Jackson (“Blood on the Dancefloor”), his sister Janet (“When I Think of You”), Kylie Minogue (“Where Has the Love Gone?”), U2 (“Salome”) and Pet Shop Boys (“Go West”).

Heller & Farley productions are steeped in the sights and sounds of these experiences at the most influential of nightclubbing moments from the last 25 years. Their music is heritage, quality down to the bone: a bastion of the UK sound that has influenced and inspired subsequent producers all over the world.

Terry Farley is a bona fide UK house legend. Having been on the dancefloor since day dot, he has produced some of house music’s most enduring cuts under various guises, including Roach Motel and Bocca Juniors, as well as with Pete Heller as Heller and Farley. A bastion of knowledge when it comes to acid and deep house, as well as dance culture, soul boy trends, and more besides, Terry is also much lauded for having launched house music fanzine (and label and party series) Boys Own with Andrew Weatherall, Cymon Eckel and Steve Mayes back in the day: it was something that very much went on to document and dictate the trends of the time.
A fascinating character with a real passion for dance music and its cultural roots, Terry is a learned selector with old school values who can really make dancefloors move with a whole range of sounds. He does so everywhere from fabric and Ministry of Sound in London to festivals around the world on a regular basis and always educates as much as he entertains. Now very much a scene curator and archivist as much as an enduring DJ talent, when Terry Farley’s in the house, everybody listens, as his essential recent compilations, Acid Rain and Acid Thunder, have proven in spades.





Chart positions of the last 10 releases:

‘Sink about it’ hit the no.3 spot in the official National Australian Aria club chart, Summer 2016

‘Drop that low’ reached No.15 in the Beatport Electro House chart

‘Gimme Sum’ top 20 in the National Aria Club chart Spring’ 2016

‘#That’ reached No.6 in Track it Down top 100 Winter 2015

‘Broken’ reached no 79 in the National Aria Club chart and No.94 in the Beatport Hip Hop chart September 2014

‘Jumanji’ hit the no.1 spot in the official National Australian Aria club chart, Summer 2013

‘Raging in the dancehall’ reached No.1 in the Dutch Hardcore chart Winter 2013

‘London’ reached No.2 in the Spanish radio chart Spring 2013

‘#Tweet’ reached No.7 and No.13 in the Beatport Glitch Hop chart Summer 2013

‘My Selector’ reached No.3 in the Beatport Dubstep chart Winter 2012

Growing up in central London, next door to a shebeen, it was impossible for this small child to not be affected by the music. Heavy bass would pump out the speaker boxes, often waking her up late at night as it pulsated through the building. When she left for primary school in the morning, the betting shop she lived above hadn’t yet opened but the party would still be rocking and the young Caron Geary passed the revellers on the way to start her traditional education. Reggae music, and the culture surrounding it, was quite literally in her bones and was to become a strong influence in her work. Her upbringing was tolerant, racial boundaries didn’t exist at home, she was yet to become the pioneering lyricist and ground breaking musician of today, but her journey had already commenced.

Kinky cut her first dub plate at Music House, Seven Sisters, where even the engineers and the dreads were impressed. By this time she had already seen Bob Marley and the Wailers perform at Hammersmith Odeon, decided to take a day off of school to attend his court hearing at Marylebone Magistrates’ Court in the Spring of 1977, where the 12 year old met and spoke with the man himself and Aston Barrett, before seeing them play at The Rainbow Theatre shorty after. She was now thirteen years old.

During her late teens she followed sound systems in London and went to live shows at every opportunity. Before UK rap had developed, the musical role models she followed were Jamaican DJs, when American rap music emerged, she found she had less of a connection

with these MCs than the Jamaican and British Reggae Djs MCs and her style developed from there; the journey continued.

She decided if she ever saw a musician who shared a love of Reggae music, she would approach them and was convinced they would want to work with her. A chance meeting with Boy George in a London club, led her to record her first official release ‘Kipsy’, which she performed live on TV for the musical fundraiser for Hurricane Gilbert, ‘Smile Jamaica’. A few years later Chrissie Hynde somehow found out where she lived and came knocking on the door of Desperate People Housing co-op in Camden, where she’d moved to from the family home; to link up and record a reggae duet. Neneh Cherry wanted to fly Kinky in a helicopter from where she was on tour with George, to the UK TV studio, where her friend Neneh was performing her single in time for the young MC to play percussion. George told Kinky if she did the show she could no longer work with him. She stayed on More Protein for a few more years, co writing the music and performing on the hit ‘Generations of Love’. She made a decision to part company with George and More protein in the early 90’s and hasn’t spoken with him since.

With the release and hit chart success of “Everything Starts with an E” – Acid Houses’ outlawed global anthem – and a No.1 pop hit with Erasure; MC Kinky became the first MC to chat dancehall lyrics over music other than reggae and was the first ever white female reggae/dancehall MC in music history. Spearheading the UK Dance and Rave scene from both the Underground and Mainstream, high profile Club DJ-ing and MC-ing also lead her to work with UK & European DJS such as Danny Rampling, Paul Okenfold, Pete Tong, Norman Cook, Jon Carter, Barry Ashworth, Danny Tenaglia, Boy George, Fingers Inc, Tony Humphries, Joost van Bellen, George Clinton, Gary Gecko, Lisa Loud and Jeremy Healy.

Kinky’s discography includes names such as Erasure, Boy George, Towa Tei, Chrissie Hynde, Jam & Spoon, the Rebel MC before he had become Congo Natty and Natasha Atlas.

With tours in Australia, the UK and Europe, America; as well as performances in China, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, Cambodia, Russia and Brazil Kinky’s popularity outside of the UK was confirmed.

After a residency in Ibiza at Manumission, performing and DJ-ing, Kinky returned to London to write the solo album ‘Girl with a Halo’ under a new incarnation: Feral. This vitriolic sonic hybrid of electronic ragga, manic house and punk rock was blasted around the European and UK Festival circuits, playing Glastonbury, Love Box, Lowlands and Valtifest, as well as the Soho Theatre & the National Opera House.

Having shown art films and performed in Art Institutions and museums across the UK, Europe and America, the cultural phenomenon that is Caron Kinky has also written scores for the National Theatre, London and has provided the soundtracks for designers Rifat Ozbek, Anthony Symonds, Copperwheat Blundell, Bogomir Doringer and Michiko Koshino in London, Belgrade and Paris.

The end of 2011 saw FERAL teaming up with Jon Kwest & Obeya to release their ‘Dutty pum pum’ collaboration on Mad Decent as part of Billy the Gents successful ‘Through the wire’ compilation, where artists uploaded their contributions to partnered producers. She performed at the MTV EMAS in Belfast, where she also free-styled on the mic with the boys from Azari &

III. Her DJ skills were required for the first moombahton party in the Netherlands, so off she hopped to tear the place apart, despite being on crutches after a foot operation.

At the start of 2012 Nasty FM DJ Suki Bedeaux asked her to guest on the show and produce an hour long mix of her current bass driven dance tracks, which was received really well. Her solo track ‘No Heart’ made in onto the Generation Moombahluv 3 compilation and her place as one of the first producers writing original tracks in this scene was firmly cemented.

Many more producers from the around the world requested FERALS vocal and production skills on their tracks: ETC! ETC! Pickster & Melo, Sazon Booya and , gLAdiator and in March she flew to Miami for the WMC to hook up with them all. From Miami she flew to Aruba in the Caribbean, to shoot the video for “iOU1” another solo track that has been getting a mega response at festivals and clubs around the world. While she was there she featured on Fellows radio show on Cool FM along with London DJ Bisoux.

Summer 2012 has been really productive for FERAL is KINKY performing at Secret Garden party, at the first ever Kuduro festival in Angola, three shows at LoveBox, culminating in her mainstage performance on Sunday with her LDN FAM boys who featured in the My Selector video shot by Studio Partyline in London,. Other main shows included Koko, the Coronet,and mainstage at Summer Rites in London.

The designers KTZ requested she performed at their after show party in London Fashion week, she sent the central London fashion crowd mental. FERAL returned to the studio and her dancehall roots, to record two dub plates at the request of Swiss reggae sound system Kya Bamba and continued to work on more solo tracks.

She has recently returned from headlining a show for four thousand people in Barcelona at the Fabra i Coats, the film screening of “Live East Die Young, in which she has a cameo role and performing with her dancers in Milan.

Currently FERAL is working on solo tracks planned for this Autumn whilst also concluding collaborative projects with the Bumps, Vodge Diper, J-trick and Peking Duk, Severino & Hifi Sean, Cy Kosis, Too Fresh and Alvaro; which will be completed by Winter 2012

London and Rome dates have just been added to the schedule for October and November, new mix cds are being recorded, plus more dub plates and FERALs first official remix. It is an understatement to say she has had a busy year so far combining studio production and live shows, no mean feat for an independent artist/producer without an agent or management.

Two official collaborative projects will be released in the next two months, one with gLAdiator from LA on and Big N Hairy in Vienna, the other with ETC! ETC! on the Mad Decent blog and Tropical bass in Germany. These lead nicely into FERAL is KINKY’s first official solo release: “My Selector”, a sound system inspired dubstep banger; followed by the hooky jump up beats of #Tweet. Both will be released on Play me Records in LA complete with remixes and videos.

It has definitely been an exciting enjoyable year so far and FERAL is KINKY has just confirmed the first three festival dates of 2013; ones she loves playing…Summer Rites, Glastonbury and Lovebox plus a tour of SE Asia: Bangkok, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam where FERAL will be performing live and DJ-ing.

Between March and May she will be releasing several collaborative tracks with Symbiz in Vienna, Dirt Caps + Naffz in Amsterdam on Mad Decent, Severino & Hifi Sean in London via New York label Get Up recordings, J-Trick and Peking Duk in Australia on Ministry of Sound, Hardcore giants Endymion in the Netherlands and David HeartBreak on Skrillex label OWSLA,

These will be followed by her 2nd solo single release “#Tweet” on Play Me Records on 13th April 2013

Dank who reached no.3 in the Beatport Dubstep charts with his My Selector remix, has requested to work with her for his upcoming solo release as has Australias trapstep producer Spenda C who provides one of the remixes in this next release plus UKs Stenchman & Suspect.

Daishi Dance one of the biggest house producers in Japan will be releasing his new FiK collaboration late summer, which will be followed by the forthcoming solo releases ‘Tun Up’ and the Trap Step monster ‘Brother’ in 2014 on Cutlines Midication label.

Following her Month of successful shows and DJ sets in NYC in September 2013, Peace Biscuit will be releasing “Brother” May 2014 on their next compilation album.

Winter 2014 saw FiK performing and DJ-ing in Tokyo, for the first time, as part of her Australian and SE Asian tour. The response was sensational and she has already been booked by all promoters to return next year.

On returning to the UK FiK will be writing the follow up to Jumanji with J trick and Uberjakd, working with Airing and Cameron, Dank and Punx Soundcheck as well as continuing to play live and DJ.

This summer she will be hosting the Titty Twister stage at Mysterylands in the Netherlands as well as performing at Glastonbury and the Secret garden Party Festival in the UK

In October she launches Squirt Records and releases another solo single “Feelin da Vibes” on December 15th, this piece of bashy house is already getting heavy weight support plus plays on Radio 1 and Kiss FM

2015 Brings more collaborations with Slop Rock and Dank, plus DJ sets and live shows in Milan, Ibiza and Glastonbury

Early Summer 2015 will see the release of ‘Lick Shot’ the second release on her own imprint


Early this summer FiK performed in Ibiza Sankeys, was interviewed on Sonica Radio by Andy Wilson for his show at Santos Beach club, where he featured three of her new tracks and was invited to DJ’ Live on Sonica when she returned later in the Summer, which went well as they already asked her back.

Glastonbury, DJ sets this year were at Spaceport, the Spike in the Glade and Guerialla Bar in Shangri –la

So far 2016 has been busy year in the studio for Feral , releasing several solo and collaboratative tracks Gimme Sum on Velcro and

Drop that Low on Dim Mak with Angger Dimas, followed by their follow up collaboration ‘Pon di road’ about to drop this month on Vicious Bitch. Sink about it on Ministry of Sound, both out of Australia, Fever on on MTA, here in the UK, which well supported by Capital, Kiss and Radio 1.

In September she MC’d and performed Fever live for Radio 1 Xtra’s CoCo Cole at Martin Solveg’s night, Our House at Pacha

The end of the year will be rounded off with her 4th solo release ”Back where you started” on Squirt and another trip to Ibiza in November for some Winter action.

Paul Bleasdale is the long standing resident of the legendary club night Cream.

A DJ who helped create a global super brand by touring the Liverpool club night to every corner of the world. Respected by his peers as one of the most versatile DJs on the circuit, Paul is equally effective warming the night up or playing a peak time slot to a main room of thousands.

Never one to be pigeon holed, he can play quality contemporary House but always respects his history playing the very best classic sets. Paul is in huge demand by Cream, Golden and countless big nights and festivals throughout the country and world. He’s a DJ who will always make a party a night to remember.

Andy Carroll first started DJing in and around Liverpool in the early eighties, his passion for music and appetite for several genres, not to mention an ability behind the hallowed turntables is the reason he is as popular and relevant today.

In his early days Andy played alongside numerous up and coming bands, including PigBag, The Icicle Works and Teardrop Explodes, delivering an eclectic mix of Roxy Music/ Bowie/ T-Rex combined with punk/ new wave/ new romantic and goth. His unique understanding of music, no matter where it roots were, made him one of the UK’s most popular DJs. His ability to effortlessly mix genres is something that still sets him apart from many of his peers today. Whilst ‘Balearic’ was sweeping the trendier clubs in the south, Andy’s philosophy of playing “good” music was making quite a name for himself in the north; along with DJ partner at the time Mike Knowler he would integrate popular city anthems of the time with Francoise K remixes of The Smiths and obscure dubs of New Order.

Andy would meet and befriend James Barton and Darren Hughes on his travels and between them they would prove instrumental in the evolution of clubbing in the city of Liverpool as well as being responsible for the birth of one of the world’s biggest clubbing brands, Cream. Andy was resident at the super-club but left before it grew into two rooms before going on to become one of the world’s most recognisable clubbing brands.

Andy Carroll has played on some of the world’s biggest clubs, travelled extensively with his music under his arm and remains an integral part of the global scene, almost three decades on. He is no stranger to Ibiza and has played at many of the seminal nights throughout its short clubbing history. More recently residencies at ‘We Love’ in Space and for Ibiza Rocks see him delivering genre-crossing sets to a whole new legion of fans.

Balearic and House Music DJ & Music Producer

In the beginning there was House Music…

And when Balearic and Acid House were born, Trevor Fung was present and instrumental in the birth of the new musical revolution. He was described then and now as a Legend of UK House.

Since he bought his first ever US import 7” from Cooltempo Records in Hanway St W1 (Juggy Murray Jones – “Inside America” on Jupiter Records 1976), Trevor has never looked back, always searching for that tune, seeking out, the important, that energetic tracks, that would blow ordinary music sets off the dance floor !!

And he is still doing it now, challenging, playing around with all diverse styles and concepts, embracing new ideas that what he does best !!

Driven by his pure passion, lively imagination, cheeky sense of humor and also having lots of fun on route.

His role as a DJ and love for travelling has nurtured many of different scenes, all over the world, been there from the beginning and he still craves more, for his love and desire to share the best music on the planet.

Trevor Fung born a Soul Boy in South London …

A Soul Boy from a South American family living in the heart of South London, Trevor began impressing his peers with his musical knowledge of transatlantic Soul; creating a name with his own unique flavour of beats; A fusion of Disco, Jazz and Hip Hop.  With regular sets at Caister, Flicks, Papillon, The Wag and Rumours

In 1977 the White Isle beckoned and a whole new dimension to Trevor’s sound was born.  Café Del Mar, Es Paradis and a DJ called Carlos. With Trevor travelling back and forth records were changing hands.  A fresh style of play was emerging.  Electro mixed with Spanish, US Pop merged in to Soul, Jazz and Hip-Hop thrown together to create a style so eclectic and new.

In 1982 Trevor launched his own night Zigi’s in South London with Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox as the warm up DJ.

In 1983 Trevor decided to focus his energy in music and jacked in his day job in the UK.  He decided to stay in Ibiza for the Season, with Carlos hooking up gigs at If Bar and Star Club. It soon blew up with Trevor’s monthly trips back to London & the US to pick up records for other DJ’s and record dealers on the island, nights out at Pasha and KU, plus a summer long set at Amnesia in 1984.

In the UK, Trevor and long-time friend Paul Oakenfold, launched The Funhouse, playing similar sounds from his Ibiza sets.

The Project followed in 1986 with club resident Carl Cox, injecting Balearic sets with influences from Detroit & Chicago.

1987 Trevor opened The Project Ibiza with cousin Ian St Paul.  The Balearic Beat now had a name.  An unusual combination of musical flavours, played to a very mixed up crowd. The UK music industry was inspired by this innovation and Trevor published what is now a classic compilation of tracks from that time.  The iconic Balearic Beats Album.

1987 all the boys arrived at The Project Ibiza – Paul Oakenfold, Johnny Walker, Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway.  The rest is DJ history…

By 1988 Trevor’s influence over other DJ’s ignited a chain reaction back in London.  Good friends Nicky Holloway & Danny Rampling began to change the face of the London scene with Trevor, by launching ground breaking nights – Future, Spectrum, Shoom, Rage, The Land of Oz and The Trip.  Trevor Fung was booking, promoting, Djing at this time.  The results were astounding.

1987 through 1989 Sunrise, Energy, World Dance, The Hacienda were all kicking off.  Trevor played alongside DJ Pierre, Danny Krivitz, Robert Owens, Underground Resistance, Derek May, Joey Negro, Sven Vath,  Kevin Saunderson, Kerri Chandler, Blake Baxter, Resse & Santonio, Eddi Foulkes, Jazzy Jeff, Todd Terry, Alfredo, Jose Padillia, Frank Roger, Phil Asher, Stuart Patterson, Frankie Bones, Greg Wilson, Bill Brewster, Gilles Peterson, Colin Favor, Paul Trouble Anderson, Graeme Park, Mike Pickering, Bushwacka, Frankie Valentine.


House Music history was written on these nights…

All DJ Mixes are available on request or can be heard on the following sites below.









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