Balearic and House Music DJ & Music Producer

In the beginning there was House Music…

And when Balearic and Acid House were born, Trevor Fung was present and instrumental in the birth of the new musical revolution. He was described then and now as a Legend of UK House.

Since he bought his first ever US import 7” from Cooltempo Records in Hanway St W1 (Juggy Murray Jones – “Inside America” on Jupiter Records 1976), Trevor has never looked back, always searching for that tune, seeking out, the important, that energetic tracks, that would blow ordinary music sets off the dance floor !!

And he is still doing it now, challenging, playing around with all diverse styles and concepts, embracing new ideas that what he does best !!

Driven by his pure passion, lively imagination, cheeky sense of humor and also having lots of fun on route.

His role as a DJ and love for travelling has nurtured many of different scenes, all over the world, been there from the beginning and he still craves more, for his love and desire to share the best music on the planet.

Trevor Fung born a Soul Boy in South London …

A Soul Boy from a South American family living in the heart of South London, Trevor began impressing his peers with his musical knowledge of transatlantic Soul; creating a name with his own unique flavour of beats; A fusion of Disco, Jazz and Hip Hop.  With regular sets at Caister, Flicks, Papillon, The Wag and Rumours

In 1977 the White Isle beckoned and a whole new dimension to Trevor’s sound was born.  Café Del Mar, Es Paradis and a DJ called Carlos. With Trevor travelling back and forth records were changing hands.  A fresh style of play was emerging.  Electro mixed with Spanish, US Pop merged in to Soul, Jazz and Hip-Hop thrown together to create a style so eclectic and new.

In 1982 Trevor launched his own night Zigi’s in South London with Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox as the warm up DJ.

In 1983 Trevor decided to focus his energy in music and jacked in his day job in the UK.  He decided to stay in Ibiza for the Season, with Carlos hooking up gigs at If Bar and Star Club. It soon blew up with Trevor’s monthly trips back to London & the US to pick up records for other DJ’s and record dealers on the island, nights out at Pasha and KU, plus a summer long set at Amnesia in 1984.

In the UK, Trevor and long-time friend Paul Oakenfold, launched The Funhouse, playing similar sounds from his Ibiza sets.

The Project followed in 1986 with club resident Carl Cox, injecting Balearic sets with influences from Detroit & Chicago.

1987 Trevor opened The Project Ibiza with cousin Ian St Paul.  The Balearic Beat now had a name.  An unusual combination of musical flavours, played to a very mixed up crowd. The UK music industry was inspired by this innovation and Trevor published what is now a classic compilation of tracks from that time.  The iconic Balearic Beats Album.

1987 all the boys arrived at The Project Ibiza – Paul Oakenfold, Johnny Walker, Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway.  The rest is DJ history…

By 1988 Trevor’s influence over other DJ’s ignited a chain reaction back in London.  Good friends Nicky Holloway & Danny Rampling began to change the face of the London scene with Trevor, by launching ground breaking nights – Future, Spectrum, Shoom, Rage, The Land of Oz and The Trip.  Trevor Fung was booking, promoting, Djing at this time.  The results were astounding.

1987 through 1989 Sunrise, Energy, World Dance, The Hacienda were all kicking off.  Trevor played alongside DJ Pierre, Danny Krivitz, Robert Owens, Underground Resistance, Derek May, Joey Negro, Sven Vath,  Kevin Saunderson, Kerri Chandler, Blake Baxter, Resse & Santonio, Eddi Foulkes, Jazzy Jeff, Todd Terry, Alfredo, Jose Padillia, Frank Roger, Phil Asher, Stuart Patterson, Frankie Bones, Greg Wilson, Bill Brewster, Gilles Peterson, Colin Favor, Paul Trouble Anderson, Graeme Park, Mike Pickering, Bushwacka, Frankie Valentine.


House Music history was written on these nights…

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