Phil Cooper currently presides over an extensive catalogue of enterprises and experience that goes back over two decades and counting. He commands universal praise and respect from his peers within the music industry thanks to his dedication to his craft, fuelled by a hunger and obsession with sharing music. Phil’s gregarious energy permeates into every aspect of his musical endeavours, from his DJing to his renowned record labels, and he remains steadfast in his lust for music; a perpetual passion which burns just as brightly today as the first day he fell in love with it.

Maintaining a career for over 20 years is no mean feat in any profession and, when it comes to the world of music it’s even more of an achievement. For Phil, it was the only option; as if his life was predetermined by some universal design. A music collector from day one, the world of DJing was a natural progression for Phil giving him the perfect platform to share his love of music. Rising up during the superclub era, he was a mainstay at Cream in Liverpool and Amnesia in Ibiza, where he would weave a menagerie of genres into his sets, which often went on long into the early hours of the morning. The depth of knowledge acquired through his voracious appetite for digging providing the foundation for a DJ career that saw him booked to play all over the globe, clocking up a mind-boggling checklist of cities and clubs in the process. Of course, this also means that, over the course of 20+ years behind the decks, he has acquired an unrivalled understanding of his music loving audience. From soundtracking a blissful sunset with general eclectic vibes including Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, Disco, Funk and general Balearic oddities, to deeper, darker House and Techno infused sets during the twilight hours at club and warehouse parties.
Phil is an authority on DJing.

Phil’s longevity lies in the fact that he has retained a wider focus on his career that includes owning and running record shops, labels, radio presenting, artist management and his own PR agency. With all of this behind him, combined with his depth of knowledge, he is a true powerhouse. NuNorthern Soul Records is the jewel in his crown of ventures, with an eclectic output from folk to electronica all with firm focus on soul; music that comes from the heart. He also runs KAT and KAT45, which release edits from the likes of Greg Wilson, Rahaan, Jonny Miller and more as well as African Music Corporation, 2Dogs Recordings and Felt Tip Records, among several others that he has launched over the years. Phil’s infamous NuNorthern Soul podcast is another venture to add to his long list of notable achievements, picking up widespread plaudits and further demonstrating his ability to share music in an authoritative manner.

Essentially, this is a man who quite literally lives for music and is relentless in his mission to spread the gospel of music across its many genres, pleasing the people who grace his dance floors and refining his craft. It’s taken him around the world from Argentina to Malawi and even led to praise from one of the DJ world’s most legendary figures, DJ Alfredo, who was quoted as saying; “So many DJs still deserve a place and the chance to play, Leo Mas, Phil Cooper, Noel Watson, and many of them they get it.”

With an abundance of experience behind him, Phil’s sights are focused firmly on the future as he continues to push forward, spreading good vibes and music of the highest order.

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