An inspired DJ, Fabi started his career in the eighties when Nick Holloway invited him to play in the Project Bar in San Antonio, Ibiza. After returning to London, he became resident DJ in Trip, and played in various top clubs and raves around the world including Spectrum, Drum Club and Boys Own.
In 1990 he set up Junk Rock Records and worked with Terry Farley on various projects including Primal Scream and Outrage.
The nineties also saw him set up Soundclash Republic and the release of his first album, ‘Shiva Shanti’. The following year the Soundclash Republic concert at the Ministry of Sound was completely sold out.
Fabi became a regular name in Amsterdam promoting the Progressive House sound that was emerging in the UK. In many people’s opinions, Fabi was the original progressive pioneer who produced some genre defining moments.
Fabi continued with his own projects and was then off the scene for a while. He made his successful comeback at Full Circle’s 30th anniversary ‘We are Balearic’ in 2019 where it was clear to all that his genius had not faded. His fans new and old are excited to see him back where he belongs.

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