Don Carlos has remained a resolutely underground figure on the fringes of the Italian House Music scene. This is true despite the fact that he is been spinning since the late 70’s,dabbling in studio production since the late 80’s and his debut single “Alone” (1991) sold around 12.000 copies on the Calypso label and has been a coveted Deep House classic ever since. Alone is one of the the Deep House’s most cathartic moments and surely Don Carlos’s epitaph.

It is Working as a professional DJ since his latter teenage years playing in his hometown in the late 70’s and later various venues in Italy and abroad,Don Carlos has achieved his standing through a series of Jazz-washed instrumental 12″. Rarely denting the club charts,they have nearly all referenced his passion for disco,Philly soul and subtle,Heard-esque Deep House,finding a small but influential fan base both in England and America.

One of Irma Records’ most influential consistently impressive producers in the early 90’s Don Carlos followed “Alone” with the Mediterraneo EP (1992) a desperately hard to find six -tracker. An under rated triumph, the EP showcased his ability to blend mellow,yet uplifting,sax-and piano -led grooves with clean,crisp production,notably on the breathtaking synth stabs of ” Free” and the subtle,Carl Craig-like electronic melodies of Re Mida Overture. The well-received Montego Bay project followed with long -time collaborator Stefano Tirone, In 1993’s “Everything caused his reputation to blossom in England and he released the disco-inspired “Antigua Managua” for Andrew “Doc” Livingstone’s London -based Centrestage label.

In the same year Don Carlos produced a beautiful piece of music “Aqua” which has been published on various compilations and But until 1996 he then remained fairly quiet,only mixing together some of Irma’s compilation albums and releasing a smattering of Stateside productions,including Candy’s J ” Everybody” and ” U.S.A” for Oscar G’s Kumba Imprint.

Infact his name had been largely consigned to the history books until he returned on Chicago Guidance Records in 1997 with the warmly welcomed Aquanauts EP. While the hard-edged drum rolls and uncharacteristic breakdowns of ” Karma” signalled a new direction,the tripped-out space funk of ” Voyage” showed that he’d lost none of his touch for making exceptionally emotive House music. His comeback was consolidated with the 1998 release of his Guidance follow-up. The Milano-Chicago Connection EP and his subsequent major label remix work for Byron Stingly”You Make Me Feel” on ( No 1 Club Charts) and “Testify” (No1 Club Charts). He also remixed Karen Ramirez ” Looking for Love” (No1 Club Charts and Sales Charts) and ” Troubled Girl ( No 1 club Charts). continuing
Don Carlos’ is working on an album produced by Irma Records which is featuring artists such as Kim Mazelle,Taka Boom,Michelle Weeks
and a project with the subliminal soul nyc Don Carlos unlimited and his new album titled The Cool Deep
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